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My name is J.Nichole Smith but you can call me Nic. You might know me from my original pet photography brand dane + dane studios, from the Passport Pet Photography workshops I taught with Jamie of Cowbelly Pet Photography, or more recently from my book The Million Dollar Dog Brand. Maybe you've heard of the business courses I offer, like Pet Photography Profit Bootcamp or maybe you've taken a peek at Working with Dog, the Official Club I built for Petpreneurs. Perhaps we haven't crossed paths at all yet - in which case - nice to meet you! 

My purpose in life is to help entrepreneurs find freedom and fulfilment by building BRANDS instead of just businesses. This all began back in 2005 (way before pet photography was the popular career it is now) when I launched my pet photography studio, dane + dane. After 12+ years of shooting and designing for private and commercial pet clients, I have turned my attention away from the camera, and towards helping to share the knowledge and experience I've earned, and connect petpreneurs with the life and business of their dreams. Animalhaus Media was born out of this desire. 

I could not be more thrilled and excited... to announce that the stock pet photography site I've been planning for a DECADE is finally happening!  

My mission for creating this resource is three-fold: 

1. Create a space for pet photographers like you to sell your work - getting paid fairly for your valuable royalty-free and rights-managed images, while adopting a high-volume model that allows for a lower price per image, but a significant passive income revenue stream in your overall business.  

2. Create a space for pet brands to access authentic, gorgeous imagery for their brand-building and marketing efforts, all at an affordable price.  

3. Drive positive change in the pet industry and the world of marketing, educating both content creators and content buyers, helping them connect, and helping them future-proof their businesses while continuing to get more and more profit and joy from the work they do.  

Animalhaus Media is my latest project to help entrepreneurs find freedom and fulfilment by building brands instead of just businesses.

Now, I know you have questions, so right off, I'd like to supply a few answers…  

1. When will the Animalhaus Stock Site Go Live? The site will have a soft, beta launch at Global Pet Expo, where I will be speaking, March 21-23 in Orlando Florida.  

2. What will available on the site at launch? We are hoping to launch with 10,000+ images (Min. 100 ea. from 100 photographers) - we will start with a strictly royalty-free model, so images will be available for instant download at very affordable prices. We are hoping this will help word about the site travel like wildfire!

3. How do I become a Contributor? All you have to do to apply is to fill out this form before February 9th  

4. What will we make if we are accepted as a Contributor As our first goal with the site is to ensure photographers get paid fairly for their work, our goal is to make sure you get paid more than you would for royalty-free images if you were contributing to istock or Getty (who often make deals with the likes of Google that mean you're making cents on the dollar for many of your images).  

Our model to start, is that all images will be royalty-free (meaning there is no exclusive rights, so each image can be sold over and over) and priced between $9 and $19. If you are accepted as a founding member, your percentage on royalty-free images would start at 25%. So if your image sells for $9, you'll make $2.25, if your image sells for $19, you'll make $4.75 - the idea is to sell many images, and the same images over and over, to see a revenue stream of a few hundred, to a few thousand dollars a month up to much, much more!  

The only exception to this will be special promotions (which we will reserve the right to run in order to get the word out about the site) where images may be bundled into collections and the sale price ea. may be lower per image, but will still benefit you as a contributor. No matter what, you can rely on the fact that we've got your best interest at heart!  

5. What do we have to do if we are accepted? If you are accepted, you will be notified by Feb. 12th and expected to submit a minimum of 100 images to us, before March 1st. Before that time, we will provide more details about the size, format, naming scheme and keyword requirements of these images, as well as provide guidance on what types of images to submit. It is essential that we have your images before the deadline, and it is a bit of a tight turnaround, so if you apply please be ready to commit to getting us images on time.  

6. What happens Next? As a founding member of Animalhaus, you're in at the beginning. We have high hopes for how this resource will grow, and you'll get to be a part of helping shape it! We have a private Facebook group for Animalhaus Artists where you can access us, ask questions, share tips and ideas, get help selecting your images and more. Just like any new business, this is an experiment, but we think it's worth the unknown to bring this idea to life!  

All you have to do now, is APPLY!  

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