Improve Your Sales by Mastering the 'Easy Yes' Experience

Get specific, personalized help from pet industry marketing & branding expert J.Nichole Smith to help you create 'Easy Yes' experiences for your customers.


Why Do I Need the 'Easy Yes'?

  • Your business exists to make money.
  • To make money you need transactions.
  • To get transactions you need people to say YES to you!
  • If you're currently finding this difficult, you probably need to work on your 'Easy Yes' strategy

What is the 'Easy Yes' Strategy?


The psychology of pricing is pretty simple and very well documented. Some very little changes to your prices and the way you present them can go a long way to making someone say yes.


Price is a construct entirely built around value. It's impossible to know if something is expensive if you don't know what is included! The goal is to make your price seem like a 'good deal' no matter how many zeros there are in it!


People pay for what they value. The trick is to find the people who highly value what you've got - are willing to pay what you charge by and then getting good at TEMPTING them to buy. Desire involves brand building and storytelling... + a bit of mystery and pressure.


The MOST important part of creating transactions is making it EASY for someone to SAY YES and then GIVE YOU MONEY. Less steps, fewer decisions, easy tech, no phone calls, etc. Make. It. Easy. No excuses.


Let Me Help You.

For the customers of most petpreneurs, the two biggest hurdles they face on their journey to Say Yes, involve their web experience, and their reaction to pricing.

Knowing that these are two of THE MOST difficult areas in your business to optimize on your own, I have created a quick, easy solution for you, called the 'Easy Yes' Audit.

An 'Easy Yes' Audit includes me looking at your Pricing or your Website (or both) and giving you detailed advice about the changes I suggest you make, the reasons behind it, and any unique opportunities I see for you and your unique brand, business, location or product. 

The 'Easy Yes' Audit includes a detailed video report of my findings PLUS a printable pdf check-list to help you make 'Easy Yes' decisions in the future AND a group call after you've had a chance to review your report so you can ask me any questions! All of this at a price that is much less than working with me individually, one on one

But Don't Delay...

I can only offer these audits to a handful of petpreneurs, for a very limited time! Don't miss to get this expert help with the most important part of your business!


Improve Your 'Easy Yes' Strategy with Nic's Help

Each Audit Includes:

  • Personalized video audit where Nic will observe and report the current issues, suggested changes and potential growth opportunities. This video is yours to keep forever and can be useful to refer back to!
  • An 'Easy Yes' guide & checklist to help you make 'easy yes' decisions in the future
  • Access to a group call on March 2nd where Nic will answer your questions and add any further details or guidance re: your audit results and your next steps


Pricing is the gate keeper to your products & services. So much of your customer's decision making process is actually in YOUR hands! Let me help you sway them to the easy yes!



Need help with BOTH your pricing AND your website? Let me help you with BOTH at the same time and save. One is great, but having both really helps you see better results faster!



Let me show you the quick, easy fixes to get your #1 most important marketing tool working for (and not against) you. You simply cannot afford to ignore the web experience.


Your Consultant

My name is J.Nichole Smith, but you can call me Nic. I have been on the cutting edge of the pet industry for over a decade. I have watched new brands launch and thrive (like many of those I interviewed for my book the Million Dollar Dog Brand), but I’ve also seen hundreds, perhaps thousands more… never get off the ground, or launch and fail. From personal experience (I launched my pet photography + design business 'dane + dane studios in 2005, co-founded of Dog is Good in 2007, and opened a pet retail boutique in 2014) I can tell you why, and as someone who has spent time building a business, you already know why… this sh*t is hard!!  

As I’ve worked to uncover my true passion and purpose in this beautiful, fleeting life, I’ve discovered one very important truth: I was born to help entrepreneurs find freedom and fulfilment by building brands instead of just businesses. Petpreneurs in particular hold a special place in my heart, because let’s face it, the pet industry and its quirky, devoted, creative people is uniquely spectacular.  

The road to your epic Million Dollar Dog Brand, or just a small business you love that affords you a lifestyle you enjoy, is paved with small changes and little tweaks. Some of THE MOST IMPORTANT among those little improvements, will involve your pricing, and your website. That is why I created these limited-time offerings - so that I can help you make the small changes that will make the BIGGEST impact RIGHT AWAY in your business... So you can get on with evolving and growing - to support yourrself, your family and all those people and animals we all hope to create a better world for.