Yucatán, MEXICO | JANUARY 4-8, 2018

Marketing & Profit Planning Retreat for Pet Photographers & Influencers

Get your 2018 Marketing Plan done in 3 days.

We will review your application & follow-up via email with next steps.

What is P4 Luxe?

The P4 Luxe is the 'Petpreneurs' Planning & Profit Primer' Luxury Retreat. This 4 day, immersive, game-changing experience is the only one of its kind for pet photographers and pet influencers. Last year we held our first ever #p4luxe retreat at the Parker Hotel in Palm Springs, this year we'll be in the Yucutan, in stunning Puerto Aventuras, Mexico.

P4 Luxe is your opportunity to have pet industry, branding, marketing and personal growth experts hold your hand as you craft your entire 2018 marketing plan in just 3 days. Yeah, it will be a lot of work, but we'll take plenty of breaks to soak in the calm of the Caribbean just outside. Our private chef will keep us fueled up and we'll break out into small groups now and then too.

Plus we will show you, step-by-step, how to use essential tools, tricks and processes to make it easy to put your 2018 marketing plan into action when you get home. 

P4 Luxe also includes an intimate, private Facebook group and 90 days of accountability (including 4 group calls) after the retreat. Stay in touch with your new bff's and keep a lifeline to your experts for3 whole months. #valuetown

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Who is it for?

P4 Luxe is designed exclusively for visual storytellers in the petspace: Pet photographers and pet influencers (designers, illustrators, bloggers & instagram influencers).

This is a marketing-focused program, so it is best-suited to photographers and influencers who will have a business or brand and a website already complete by Jan 2018. It is ok if you're new, or not full-time, but to get the most out of this retreat you need to have an existing business.

Most of the strategies we teach involve digital marketing tools and tactics, so you need to be able to bring a laptop and be comfortable using basic software programs and social media platforms.

Let's jump on a quick call and answer any questions you have!

P/4 Luxe Pet Photography Retreat Materials

Was This Right for Me?

"I was not sure that I would have the same level of readiness as everyone else. Was this right for me? It was. I loved it all. I realized that I am not alone in my challenges and I am leaving feeling energized and motivated plus I now have some really awesome tools."

- 2017 P4 Luxe Attendee 

Hi there, my name is Nichole, but you can call me Nic. 

I am dedicated to helping petpreneurs find freedom and fulfillment by building brands instead of just businesses. You can read more about me over here. I created the P4 Luxe to help you start and plan your year in the best possible environment, alongside your peers, with in-person help from the best experts in the industry. 

My goal for this retreat is to truly make it possible for 2018 to be not just 'your best year yet' - but a year of profound transformation and evolution. 

A year where you do set and achieve lofty business goals, but you also learn about yourself, grow into new, healthier more fulfilling habits and learn to care for yourself with encouragement and support from a community of like-minded creators who know exactly what you're going through

Of course the aim for all of this isn't just fluffy-feel good stuff: the aim is to build your business into a more profitable brand, and make 5-10x your investment back.

To work towards these goals, last year at P4 Luxe we focused on goal-setting and year planning. This time, we are going to focus specifically on your marketing plan. We have added an entire day to the program so we can add in a bit more focused work and a lot more relaxing, thinking, socializing, exploring and enjoying the beach!

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Attendees of the P/4 Luxe Pet Photography Retreat

 Everyone Was So Gracious 

"When I signed up I wasn’t sure I ‘deserved’ to be at the retreat but now that seems silly. It was great: the group, the place, the entire program. I loved being able to chat with the speakers all weekend. Everyone was so gracious and willing to share and help and support each other. 

- 2017 P4 Luxe Attendee 

2018 P4 Luxe Agenda

Having your entire 2018 Marketing Plan done in 3 days sounds pretty great, right? But how will we do it? Well, we can't give away all our secrets here... but here some of the kinds of modules and topics you can expect from us:

  • PROFIT TUNE-UP: Identify additional profit opportunities based on your audience's feedback
  • KEYWORD BOOTCAMP: What keywords should you be targeting to improve your findability
  • PSYCHOGRAPHICS over DEMOGRAPHICS: How to convert using your customers' real needs
  • CONTENT EFFICIENCY: How-to prioritize and plan your content to actually drive conversions
  • 1-2-3 PLAN: Setting themes, dates, deadlines, topics, titles and goals for your year of marketing
  • SOCIAL MEDIA SAVER: How and where to focus your resources for maximum impact on social
  • EQ EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: Marketing is about connecting emotionally - how do you do that? 
  • TRENDS: Profitable ways to capitalize on pet industry trends in your marketing
  • URL STRUCTURE: How to organize and title your pages & blog posts for increased web traffic 
  • COMPARISON MONSTER: How not to get de-railed by competitors and peers
  • AUTHORITY: How to leverage your knowledge & skills into a profitable influencer platform
  • PRICING & PROMOTION INTENSIVE: Get more people to buy more from you more often

Thursday, Jan. 4th

Arrive at the Villa 

5:30pm-7pm: Poolside Cocktail Party

7:00-7:30pm: Opening Ceremony

7:30pm: Dinner

Friday, Jan. 5th

7am-9am: Morning Routine & Breakfast

9am-1:15pm: Morning Sessions

LUNCH: 1:15-2:15

2:15-4:15: Afternoon Session

4:15-6:30: Free Time

6:30-9pm: Drinks & Dinner

Saturday, Jan. 6th

7am-9am: Morning Routine & Breakfast  

9am-1:15pm: Morning Sessions 

LUNCH: 1:15-2:15  

2:15-6:30: Think Time, Work Time & Optional Off-Site Activities

6:30-9pm: Drinks & Dinner

Sunday, Jan. 7th

7am-9am: Morning Routine & Breakfast  

9am-1:15pm: Morning Sessions  

LUNCH: 1:15-2:15  

2:15-6:00: Think Time, Work Time & Optional Off-Site Activities  

6:00-6:30pm: Closing Ceremony + P4 2017 Superstar Announcement

6:30-9pm: Drinks & Dinner

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Sherryl Christie Executive Coach

The Speakers Were Phenomenal!

"I was nervous if the retreat would be worth the money, if it would be too basic, or if I’d like the other attendees. I can say my expectations were fully met! The speakers were phenomenal and I loved the small group breakout sessions - also food and hotel were 10 out of 10! "

- 2017 P4 Luxe Attendee 

Your 2018 Marketing & Profit Planning Partners

Never done a proper marketing plan for your pet business before? Don't worry, we understand & we've got you covered... We are experienced ( over 63 yrs. combined experience in our respective fields). We are experts. But most importantly, we care deeply about you and your results.

J.Nichole Smith

J.Nichole Smith

Brand Expert. Visual Storyteller & Author of the Million Dollar Dog Brand 

Working with Dog

Jane Harrell

Jane Harrell

Digital Marketing Expert & Rescuer of Animals

'Cause Digital Marketing

Sherryl Christie

Sherryl Christie

Executive Coach & Green Drink Enthusiast 

Best Practice, Inc.

P/4 Luxe Pet Photography Retreat Binder

This Was Exactly What I Needed...

"I had no doubt, I knew this retreat would be exactly what I needed. Even so, I got so much more than I expected. I loved the comraderie, the hotel, the honesty, trust and sharing. It was inspiring, impactful and fulfilling."

- 2017 P4 Luxe Attendee 

What is Included?

  • 4 Nights, 5 days at our fully-staffed, private, beach villa on the Caribbean Sea
  • Transportation to and from Cancun Airport (CUN)
  • Delicious, plentiful meals, snacks and drinks prepared by our private chef and staff from dinner Thursday the 4th, to breakfast on Monday the 8th
  • Plenty of built-in down-time to work or participate in off-site activities like sailing, hiking, kayaking, photographing wildlife and more
  • Two full days of workshop tuition spread out over three days
  • A full weekend of access to experts in marketing, pet photography, planning and personal growth
  • Leave the retreat with your 2018 Marketing Plan 100% mapped out and ready for action 
  • Mastermind breakout sessions with peers + 3 industry-leading women coaches  


  • Pre-work + prep materials in 2017 to get you ready 
  • 90 days of ongoing accountability, including live group coaching calls every 4 weeks. *this is unprecedented in any 'photography workshop' program [value of this follow-up program alone is over $2000]
  • EARLY BIRD bonuses if you sign up before Sept. 4th  
Polaroid photos from P/4 Luxe

I've Found My Tribe

"When I signed up P4 Luxe I wasn’t sure I was prepared enough and I feared I would leave without clarity… but this weekend blew my mind. I loved it all: the space, the workbook, the theme, the community, the presenters and yes, even the work (hard as some of it was). Struggles are less heavy when you have a tribe that gets it. I’ve found mine."

- 2017 P4 Luxe Attendee 

Our Private Villa

Hacienda Magica 

Puerto Aventuras, Mexico - near Tulum

You just get yourself to Cancun (CUN) and we'll do the rest...

Luxury Accommodation 

Why do offer a P4 Luxe retreat and not the P4 Average retreat? Well, partly because I know you probably don't take enough holiday or stay somewhere like this often enough ( so it's an excuse to add on a tax-deductable holiday)

But the real reason is Mindset. 

This event is going to challenge and test you. It may be emotional or draining. You may find yourself bumping up against difficult realities in your business and brain and while doing this work you deserve to be pampered. A comfy bed, a sea view, a seat by the pool and a glass of wine (or beer or prosecco or hell, it's Mexico go for a margarita!!)

Let us worry about transportation, meals and logistics you just focus on getting to know your new friends and staying engaged in the work.

Hacienda Magica is a fully staffed luxury villa right on the beach in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico. 

Only 30 min. from Tulum, 60 minutes from Cancun, our P4 Luxe destination is the perfect mix of being easily accessible while not in a busy touristy hotspot. 

A few amenities:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Private Outdoor Pool
  • Ocean Views
  • Ping Pong Table & Pool Table
  • Safe
  • Satellite TV
  • Tennis Court 
  • Washer / Dryer
  • Wi-Fi


You will need your passport, but probably not a visa to travel to Cancun airport.

A Word About Safety: If you're at all worried about traveling to Mexico, don't be. At least not to Quintana Roo, the region where popular tourist destinations like Cancun, Tulum, Playa Del Carmen and Cozumel are located. This is where we'll be and it is considered among the safest areas in the Caribbean.

P/4 Luxe goodie bags included lemons and PF Candle Co. candles

It Was Worth the Investment

"Worth the investment? Yes. I loved the speakers, the group, the hotel, the theme and all the printed and digital content we got - oh and the gift bag! I thought I was alone in many of my thoughts and fears and turns out, I’m not – we could all identify so well with each other!"

- 2017 P4 Luxe Attendee 

What is the Investment?

To Review, here's what's included :  

  • A luxury weekend of sun and sea breezes at our private Mexican villa on the Caribbean Sea
  • Three-days of intensive curriculum, workshops and breakouts (with plenty of breaks) revolving around Marketing, Revenue-building, Planning, and Personal Growth topics for YOUR pet photography business and platform as an influencer
  • Your 2018 Marketing Plan: push fear and confusion aside and leave with a solid plan that you're confident you can execute
  • 90 Days of ongoing group coaching calls 
  • Private Facebook Group exclusive to only P4 Luxe 2018 attendees and speakers: ask questions, share travel plans and stay in touch long after the retreat is over
  • Masterminds with me + other experts who typically charge hundreds of dollars / hour for their time  
  • Community + kinship with a very select group of ambitious pet photographers & pet influencers  

What is all of this actually worth?  

  • The value of accommodation, transport, meals + extras is over $3,000  
  • The value of individual attention from the experts is well over $10,000  
  • The value of the ongoing 90 Day Mastermind is over $2,000  
  • For my one-on-one weekend VIP program I charge $1o,000

That's a combined total of over $25,000 in coaching, tangible goodies, support and expertise...  

Let's be honest, most of us don't have that kind of budget to invest in business development.  

I wanted to make this event as affordable as possible so that I could reach as many of you who need this as I can, while still delivering the level of luxury, access to experts and ongoing support that is necessary to get the mindset to make the kind of plans and changes this program inspires...

- Scroll down to see prices, payment plans & bonuses -

P4 Business Class 13 AVAILABLE - sold out

Let's be honest, flying business class is 1000x better than flying coach. Sure, you're on the same plane, but it's a whole different world.

This retreat is the business class of pet events. 

Luxury means not having to worry - so we are taking care of all the details and making sure they're delightful. 

Everyone who attends P4 Luxe will receive:

  • Luxury accommodation & Worry-free transport to & from Cancun airport
  • Delicious meals and snacks perfect for your specific dietary needs
  • A mind-blowing 3-day workshop experience
  • 90 days of accountability after the retreat including private Facebook and 4x group calls  

P4 First Class V.I.P 2 AVAILABLE - sold out

  • If you are ready for big change or serious progress...
  • If you are 100% committed to taking your business, brand, or platform to the next level in 2018- you just need a mentor to help you get there...

Then the V.I.P. ticket might just be perfect for you:

  • Your own private suite at our Puerto Aventuras Villa 
  • 3 extra all-inclusive nights with Nic + VIP's in Tulum, Mexico ($3999 value)
  • Transportation from the Villa to Tulum to Cancun (CUN) 
  • A 2hr. Intensive LIVE one-on-one session in Tulum ($999 value) 

Payment Options

Just because this retreat is a luxury experience, does not mean it should be impossible to afford. We have several payment options below, but feel free to email us at hello @ workingwithdog.com or get us on the phone to answer any other questions you have.

* Pricing for the non-VIP option is based on shared rooms. You may upgrade to a private room for $500 (very limited availability).

** Your husband, wife or life partner is more than welcome to join you if you have a private room. If they are not attending the workshop, there is a $999 fee for their food, beverages and activities.

Pay As You Earn

Pay Now & Save

* Limited Availability

First Class V.I.P. 

Yup, I'm In!

This retreat is intimate. We keep the group small (around 15) and the experience of each individual, as well as creating safe space and quality conversations, are our top priorities. 

We ask all applicants to fill out a short application so we can meet these goals, for you and for the group as a whole. We will review your application and be in touch with next steps.

Questions? Email hello @ workingwithdog.com or click the button below to jump on a call.