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What is Working with Dog?

This is the place for Petpreneurs who want to have a successful business AND also a life come to learn, grow & help each other succeed. Created and curated by two of the pet industry’s leading marketing experts, the resources and community you’ll find in Working with Dog, are second-to-none. Bursting with pet-industry specific insights, resources, tools, advice, examples PLUS the warmest, most wonderful pet-crazy humans - Working with Dog is like Hogwarts for pet professionals, once you’re in, you’ll never want to leave...

What Members Are Saying:

"I can already tell the difference it’s making in both my business and my mindset. Thanks for the event idea it was a huge success and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I have found that the Working with Dog community is the perfect dose of marketing and accountability for me. Thank you for creating it! It’s only been a month since I signed up and I can already tell the difference it’s making in both my business and my mindset." - Keri, WWD Member

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Who is Working with Dog for?

Working with Dog is designed exclusively for Petpreneurs:

Pet retailers, dog trainers, pet photographers, pet product makers, pet sitters, pet influencers (designers, illustrators, bloggers & instagram influencers), dog walkers, groomers, pet health care providers... anyone who is an entrepreneur in the pet space.

What Members Are Saying:

"Why do I love Working with Dog? Does sometimes I have to stop reading because I I’ve hit my ah-ha/breakthrough limit for the day count!? Recently based on WWD content I was playing around with twitter search and literally just found a tweet from someone looking for exactly what I do within 15 miles of where I’m typing! Talk about results!" - Carina, WWD Member

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How Do You Know if You Need it?

Do you need more clients? Are you desperate for clarity? 

Working with Dog provides pet-business specific marketing genius: tools, templates, access to industry-leading experts and support from a super-engaged and friendly group of of like-minded pet professionals. 

The perfect formula to make 2019 the year your "BIG" business dreams finally come true 

WWD is the place you've been looking for to find fast answers or ask for help when your business throws you curve balls... the place you can get the help and resources that fit your PET business - everyone here is a petpreneur - we get it!

This is a perfect fit if you are at one of these business stages:

  • Getting Started: You're in the early stages of your business and don’t have much of an email list, or you still have a side hustle and your goal is to go full-time
  • Growing: You're selling to a large number of customers and want to scale further, or working with a small number of clients in a deep way and want to generate more leads. 
  • Leveraging: You're profitable but desperately need to create more systems and processes to optimize your efforts and improve your results.
  • Freedom Chasing: You're ready to spend less time day to day in the business or possibly maximize the value of the business you can count on a profitable exit

Just for Petpreneurs Like YOU

Working with Dog: 24/7, 365 Welcome ❤ Home

What Members Are Saying:

"WWD is so different from anything else I’ve found. The incredible content gets right to the core of what I, as a petpreneur, need to grow my business. The Q&& calls are invaluable – experts available to answer my questions live! The private Facebook group is also fantastic because everyone there is serious about business and wants to see each other succeed! " - Terran, WWD Member

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A Note From Nic & Jane

We help petpreneurs find freedom and fulfilment by building pet brands instead of just pet businesses.

We help make marketing easier, more effective and *gasp* maybe even fun... We created Working with Dog to be a safe, supportive space for you to do exactly that.

Meet Nic (pictured left)

My name is Nichole, but you can call me Nic. I believe that time is our most precious resource, so I help entrepreneurs build successful brands that support a life spent exactly as they choose. I have a Masters in Marketing and a decade of practical experience creating and growing pet brands, including ‘Dog is Good’ which I co-founded in 2007. As a graphic designer, commercial pet photographer, and marketing strategist I have had the opportunity to help solopreneurs and billion dollar brands alike launch, and grow. My book ‘Million Dollar Dog Brand’ is the essential guide for entrepreneurs who want to build a profitable, sustainable business in the pet industry

Meet Jane (pictured right)

Jane's been rocking it out in the pet industry for 16+ years, leading content strategy and marketing as Former Editor-in-Chief of Pet Health Network, Senior Producer at, Founder of AdvoCats (and Dogs, Too!) and with many other leading pet brands like Animal Planet, Petco and more. As President of 'cause Digital Marketing and new co-owner of Working with Dog, she specializes in helping pet businesses large and small focus on achieving their marketing results, so they can focus on what matters--helping pet parents celebrate and take the best care of their pets.

What Members Are Saying:

"Hi Nic! Just wanted to thank you for your help and advice on the Q&A re: gift guides. As a result, my etchings just made it in the 'Pretty Fluffy' gift guide today! Happy dance! " - Mandi, WWD Member

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What Members Are Saying:

"I highly recommend Working with Dog on many levels – the content available for download alone is worth the small price. Info is geared to pet entrepreneurs without being too basic or too advanced. My #1 reason for loving Working with Dog is the visceral feeling that Nichole GETS what we are each going through and has common sense, business savvy answers. BOOM. Plus, the community of like-dog-minded entrepreneurs is motivating, inspiring and validating – sometimes all at once." - Kathy, WWD Member

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What is Included in Membership?

Well, we do have some secrets saved-up... but this is what you can expect to receive during your membership:

  • MONTHLY MARKETING GENIUS™: Each Month we will cover a theme that will help you on your journey to find freedom & fulfilment by building a brand. Themes already planned for 2019 include: Marketing & Content planning, How to Identify and Expand Your Revenue Streams, How to Write a Book or Get Published, Multi-media Content Production: How to Start a Vlog or Podcast, Easy Steps to Passive Income, Step-by-step Sales Funnels that Convert, and much, much more.
  • PETPRNEUR FREEDOM BLUEPRNT: An exact path to follow (with links to pet-specific tools & resources in the WWD archive) to help you tick off each milestone between where you are now, and where you want to be. Always know where you are, and what you need to do next to grow your pet business & brand!
  • MONTHLY LIVE Q&A GROUP COACHING CALLS: Bring your questions about the monthly theme or anything else that's on your mind and we will answer them live! Plus all calls are recorded so you can listen on-demand, or revisit them later if you need. These calls usuall take place the last Thursday of the month at 12pm PST / 8pm UK.
  • PRIVATE WWD PETPRENEUR GROUP: Smart, friendly non-salesy, non-competitive community of petpreneurs that really get you. Life-long friendships and profitabl partnerships are born here every day, all year long!
  • WEEKLY ACCOUNTABILITY: If you tell someone you're going to do it, there's a higher chance you will actually do it. Count on us to ask you what three things you'll accomplish each week on Monday, and check back in on Friday to see if you did them.
  • ACCESS TO THE MARKETING GENIUS™ ARCHIVES: You have 24/7 instant access to 3+ years of content. This includes themes like: Email Marketing, Easy Systems & Processes, How to Start Using Video, Mastering Istagram, How to Become a Pet Influencer, Your Website 101, Content Marketing Basics, and many, many more. Plus, access all recordings of past Q+A calls, tool reviews, how-to's and workbooks.
  • MONTHLY PET INDUSTRY TREND REPORTS: We're keeping our finger on th pulse of the pet industry so you can focus on your business. Each month will bring you data-rich reports of what's happening in the pet space and what it means for your business.
  • PEER SUPPORT: You are not alone and no one understands what you're going through better than us! Let's grow and evolve together. We will lift you up so you can go make that difference in the world you're hungry to make: your colleagues, customers, industry and of course, pets all over the world will benefit !

All you need to do is choose: Try it out monthly -or - join us for the year?

What Members Are Saying:

"Every week there has been something new and helpful. I am a business newbie, but even if some of the topics I am not quite ready for, reading about it has gotten me thinking in different directions and trying new things. Plus I love knowing that the material is always there for me to come back to when I am ready for it. The members of the Facebook group are welcoming and friendly and that’s a huge plus – I so appreciate the content, guidance and support Working with Dog has given me!" - Jill, WWD Member

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Do you Love a little Extra?

Love all the benefits that come with Working with Dog membership but also love a good deal and a gift with purchase? 


  • 24/7 365 Petprenuer Tote Bag
  • 24/7 365 Petprenuer Window Cling
  • Moleskin-style 'Genius' Notebook 
  • Signature 'plan your day' notepad  

FAST ACTION BONUS: Be one of the first 20 people to join and you'll also get our gorgeous enamel 'Genius' mug!!

What Members Are Saying:

"WWD is probably the smartest and most valuable investment we have made for our business. Besides the epic loads of information, inspiration and motivation, at the heart of it, it’s Nic, and working with her opens your eyes to all the potential your business has. WWD is uniquely tailored to your pet business, and you will get serious results if you do te work!" -Nat, WWD Member

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What is the Investment?


Regular: Annual 

Only $499 Monthly Price: $588

One Payment per year, recurring until canceled


Regular: Monthly

Only $49 cancel anytime

One Payment a month, recurring, cancel anytime

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 Roll On 2019, We Are Ready for Ya! 

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